s02e04 – Argus Farm Stop

Game Changer for Local Food Economy

Episode 4:
Kathy Sample &
Bill Brinkerhoff:
Argus Farm Stop

Next Generation Farmers Market

With a mission to support local farmers, Argus Farm Stop is a brick-and-mortar food retailer selling 100% locally produced food. Launched in 2014 by Kathy Sample and Bill Brinkerhoff, today Argus works with over 200 producers to keep shelves fully stocked year round. The farm stop consignment model ensures that 75 cents of every food dollar goes directly to farmers. In this podcast we explore what it takes to start a farm stop and how it can benefit your local food system.

About Kathy Sample & Bill Brinkerhoff

With the launch of Argus Farm Stop in 2014, Kathy Sample and Bill Brinkerhoff transformed their passion for local food into a community mission. Having subscribed to CSAs for years, the married co-founders wanted to find a way to strengthen area farms and bring healthy local food to consumers.

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