Green Things Farm Collective

– Green Things Farm Collective –

Ann Arbor Seed Company, Green Things Farm, and the Land Loom came together in 2020 to form Green Things Farm Collective, LLC.  The goal: to expand production, share the management of running a diverse farm business, and develop a model of sustainable, cooperative, and responsible farming.

Located in Southeastern Michigan, Green Things Farm Collective offers organic vegetables, flowers, beef and locally grown seed through multiple marketing channels.

The farm is certified organic and optimizes soil health through minimal tillage, rotational grazing, maximizing soil coverage, and building organic matter through cover cropping and compost applications. The farm ecosystem is full of habitat for beneficial insects. To enhance sustainability, they use solar power, minimal single-use plastic, unheated growing spaces, and minimal fuel.

Visit Green Things Farm Collective to learn more about the farm’s vision, products and practices.