Roxbury Farm

– Roxbury Farm –

Roxbury Farm CSA is a community supported farm on 415 acres in Kinderhook, New York providing vegetables, herbs, and grass-fed pork, lamb, and beef to over 900 shareholders representing over 1400 families in four communities: Columbia County, the Capital Region, Westchester County and Manhattan.

Since 1991, when the CSA started with 30 members in Manhattan, the farm has strived to produce high-quality food at an affordable price. Roxbury Farm has helped train many new farmers, protected land for agriculture in perpetuity, and built soil fertility for future generations. Since 2000 the farm has doubled its soil organic matter content. The farm also provides mentorships and presentations, and shares educational materials for beginning and experienced farmers through the Roxbury Farm website.

The Roxbury Farm CSA was founded on the principle of customers supporting a farm, and the farm supporting the customer community. Roxbury Farm CSA members purchase vegetables and meat at fair prices, and their payment supports the operating budget of the farm.

In addition, through the farm/CSA member partnership, the Roxbury Farm CSA donates over $100,000 worth of produce annually to food pantries and community kitchens in the neighborhoods where CSA members pick up their produce. Roxbury Farm CSA members’ food dollars support a thriving farm and give back to the communities where they live.

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