Peter Brown

Peter Brown has farmed biodynamically since he was 21, first when he went to South Africa and managed a farm near Cape Town for 15 years, then working in Germany for three years before moving in 1994 to manage Tablehurst Farm in East Sussex in the UK.

In 1996 Tablehurst became one of the first Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) initiatives in the country. Today it is a thriving farm business, owned by 600 shareholders in the Tablehurst and Plaw Hatch Farms Co-operative. Tablehurst is a mixed biodynamic farm of over 500 acres with a butchery, farm shop and café, and also includes a small care home for three adults with learning disabilities, founded by Peter and his late wife Brigitte.

Peter was also until 2017 the director of the Biodynamic Agriculture Association in the UK. He also practices biodynamic beekeeping and is involved with the Natural Beekeeping Trust.

Recently, Peter has been instrumental in the creation of the Biodynamic and Organic Seed Co-operative based near Spalding, Lincolnshire, which is dedicated to breeding open pollinated seeds and maintaining genetic diversity.

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