Almar Orchards

– Almar Orchards –

Almar Orchards is a 250-acre family-run organic apple orchard in Flushing, Michigan. Its 100 acres of apple orchards are supported by 20,700 sq ft of indoor storage and production space. The farm also includes 20 acres in hay, 15 acres of sugar bush, 5 acres of pumpkins, 1 acre of squash and 84 acres set aside for pollinators, woods, meadows and creeks.

Founded in 1944 by Albert and Mary Koan as a conventional orchard, their son Jim Koan led Almar’s transition to organic methods in the 1980s. Working in close partnership with his wife Karen, Jim integrated hogs into the operation to consume apple waste and added new products, marketing strategies and revenue streams over the years to strengthen the farm enterprise. 

Almar eventually grew to become the largest organic apple orchard east of the Rockies. This success required both experimentation in the orchard and entrepreneurial initiatives in the farm business.  

Innovations in organic practice include pest and disease management, tree spacing, grafting and rootstocks. On the enterprise level, products like bottled hard ciders, vinegar, switchel, dried apples, honey, maple syrup and pasture-raised pork provide year-round income. Almar’s farm store features all of these plus seasonal apples, cider, donuts and local groceries and treats. Wholesale, direct marketing and agritourism also add to the operation’s bottom line.

Almar is currently co-owned and managed by Jim Koan and his children Monique Lapinski and Zachary Koan.